3 Simple Tips for a Sun Safe Summer

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While it’s important to do this all year round, summer clothing, walks in the park, weekend trips to the beach, and really all outdoor activities, make summer an especially important time for sun protection.

Treat Yourself to Quality Sunscreen!

A good sunscreen goes a long way. Make sure to use a SPF 30 or greater on a daily basis, for those individuals with extremely sensitive skin or those with extended outdoor exposure, a higher SPF might be appropriate. Reapplying is key. Most sunscreen is effective for 1-2 hours. And don’t forget the ears and the lips.

Summer Accessories

Sunglasses and hats are not only a great fashion statement, they also protect your most sensitive areas from the sun’s harsh rays. Don’t leave them at home.

Stay Active

Staying out of the sun doesn’t mean staying indoors. It just means making some adjustments. Walk your dog or exercise in the mornings or the evening, and when you are out and about, walk on the shady side of the street. This will limit your exposure to the strongest rays of the day.


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