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Brown and Red Spots

The signs of aging and photodamage often appear on the hands and face in the form of brown lesions and patches of discoloration. These can be treated with the MedLite® C6 laser and the Artisun LuxGTM Intense Pulse Light Source. Dr. Grossman will discuss which technology is best suited to your particular skin type and concern.

Red spots can be treated with the Artisan LuxGTM Intense Pulse Light Source, the Gemini laser, and the V-Star Pulsed Dye laser.

Spot Removal

Some non-cancerous pigmented lesions that are cosmetically undesirable can be removed from your face, chest, and body without difficulty or significant downtime. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Grossman to determine if you are a candidate for spot removal. Dr. Grossman also addresses skin tags on the neck, underarms, chest, breasts, and other areas of the body that may require a simple in-office procedure with no down time.