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Laser Hair Removal

As a co-inventor and patent-holder of the original laser hair removal technology, Dr. Melanie Grossman is recognized as an authority and pioneer in the field of cosmetic dermatology.

I’m so excited! This was the first summer that I felt comfortable wearing a bikini bathing suit.

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A Revolution in Hair Removal

After an initial series of treatments, patients are virtually hair free, with only occasional need for touch-ups.  Laser hair removal offers a safe, clinically effective way to eliminate unwanted hair – without the bother, expense and never-ending routines of shaving or waxing.

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Laser Hair Removal Enters Mainstream

After the initial discovery, Dr. Grossman went on to work with the leading laser and device companies to develop hair removal systems for all skin and hair types. She lectures internationally and throughout the US to teach other dermatologists about the science of laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal was one the first cosmetic laser procedure to be embraced by mainstream consumers – and to this day it remains one of the most common professional treatment at dermatologist offices.

What is the Procedure for Laser Hair Removal?

The most popular areas for women are bikini, legs, face, underarms and any area with ingrown hair.  For men, popular areas are beard area, chest, ears and back.  Since hair grows in three cycles, most individuals need about five to seven treatments to target the hair follicles at the right stage, with touch-up treatments about twice a year.

The LightSheer® diode laser from Lumenis is the gold standard for hair removal, based on the original technology that Dr. Grossman helped to patent.  The LightSheer® has an unparalleled database of clinical research supporting safety and efficacy.

Laser hair removal is available for men and women of all skin types.

For darker skin tones, Dr. Grossman uses the Gemini laser from Cutera®. Its 1064 wavelength is the safest, most effective laser for hair removal on darker skin tones. As with the LightSheer®, several treatments are needed to target the hair follicles at the right stage of growth. The result is permanent hair reduction.

Dr. Grossman will develop a personalized treatment program based on your hair and skin color.

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